Monday, November 23, 2009

Stephanie A's Persuasive Writing Tips


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At some point in our careers, there may come a time when we need to write a persuasive message convincing others to act in a certain way. In order to do this, our writing needs to be effective and convincing. This style of writing may sound tricky, but these tips I found from should help:

  • Be confident

Use strong, unequivocal language in your writing to show your reader that you are confident and mean business.

  • Use the active voice

Using the active voice instead of the passive voice will cause your writing to be more direct and concise.

  • Do your research

You must have your facts straight if you want your writing to be persuasive and taken seriously.

  • Use proper grammar and spelling

In order to be convincing, your writing must be grammatically correct. Errors will cause people to question your abilities.

These helpful tips can help anyone to write more persuasively!

For more of these great tips, check out this site:


  1. Wow. That is a fantastic comic. That really made me laugh. Very creative and very funny. The only thing is, can the title of the comic be changed? Something catchy to really give it flare would be perfect.

  2. I loved the comic! I would have like to have had some more websites to view, but you had great tips!

  3. Very cool comic. I bet it took a little bit of time to design a cartoon like that. Also,I like they way you used the bullets. It makes it so much easier to read.

  4. yes, great comic! I just scanned the rest of the post because you really summed it up well in the comic. You were able to say what is needed with just a few words, and it really sticks because of the chuckle at the end!