Monday, November 23, 2009

Alen Fidahic Effectively Organizing Documents

Organization is defined as the coherent arrangement of information in ways that make sense to and are useful to readers. Organizing work-related documents is extremely important because the writer’s ideas must be clearly stated. If the writer’s ideas are all scattered throughout the document, readers may stop reading the document. Many active individuals like to read material they can clearly understand and that is straightforward. There is not a whole lot of time for a busy audience to be reading a document that is hard to follow. Several ways a writer can organize their document consist of stating a firm purpose, addressing the purpose to the intended audience, and applying the information in a well developed strategy.

The first thing a writer must do before starting to write a document is to have an original and solid purpose in order to communicate information more efficiently. It is relevant to have a purpose when writing because the writer must have an outline to follow all through the document. A weak purpose will eventually lead to a poor document, but on the other hand, a well developed purpose will impact a reader more deeply. The writer needs to have a good idea of what they are writing about and why they are writing the document so both they and their audience can understand the purpose better.

After stating a firm purpose, a writer must address the purpose to a specific audience. The audience consists of the people who are going to read the paper. The writer might consider who is going to read this paper, what the audience knows about the topic and, what they need to know. Not all grade students will understand a scientific paper about stem cell research. When you know the audience you are writing for, you can express your information much more thoroughly.

Finally, after addressing the purpose to the audience, the writer has to organize their thought. There are numerous ways a writer can execute their strategy, but all in all the strategy will have to guide readers along an easy path. Writers should use transitional sentences and support their ideas, so the reader can follow the author with ease. Illustrating examples and facts makes it easier for the readers to understand the purpose of the document, since some may be able to relate to a similar situation. All strategies consist of organized and well expanded thoughts.

When an effectively organized document is published, readers will have a better understanding of the text because there was a distinct purpose, the specific audience was targeted effectively, and the text was written with a well developed strategy.


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  1. I thought this was a very good and strong post. You took your own advice, which is important! Imagine if were writing about this topic but what you wrote was scattered! I can easily follow your advice as well as follow your example.

  2. I agree that organization is key to completing any task properly. Each day at work, I organize the tasks before me so that I know what is expected of me for the day.