Monday, November 16, 2009

Alen Fidahic Preparing For A Job Interview

After completing an intensive and demanding resume, many candidates search for potential jobs. A resume is an extremely important and critical part of a job interview, but preparing for a job interview is crucial as well. Many people are often stressed and nervous when planning for an employment opportunity. Getting ready for a job interview can give you an advantage to getting hired. Here are some tips on preparing for intimidating job interview.

· Before arriving to a job interview, make sure you become familiar with the company and a little regarding the organization.

· Be able to briefly describe your previous job experiences and how they relate to the job you are applying for.

· Prepare to answer broad question like “Why should I hire you?”, Why do you think you are qualified for this job?”, and “Why do you want this job?”

· Practice interviewing with friends or family to improve your answers.

· Arrive freshly groomed, neat, and in appropriate attire. Don’t go to an interview in jeans, a suit should be worn nearly all times.

· Never smoke, chew gum, or chew tobacco.

· Arrive at least fifteen minutes early and know where you are going.

· When you meet your interviewer greet them with a firm handshake, and obtain their name. Address them according to their name.

· Most importantly relax and present proper manners. Do not slouch, or use slang. Also promote eye contact.

· Ask questions about the company and don’t ask about the salary or benefits until you have been offered the job.

· Remember to shake the interviewer’s hand before leaving the interview.


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  1. I like how you broke everything down into bullets which made everything a lot clearer. This is great for someone who is about to have a job interview.

  2. I thought that you gave some very good tips for anyone who may be getting prepared for a job interview. A job interview can be very stressful, so being prepared ahead of time can really releave the stress and axiety you may feel.

  3. Great tips on preparing for an interview, everyone should have access to tips like these! Although, I'm not about the formatting issues on this page, but I don't see bullets for some reason. Great job, I like the way you added actual questions to prepare that will most likely be asked.

  4. I like your post. The tips you offer for preparing for a job interview are very helpful. Interviews can be a little nerve-racking, so any advice with how to make them go smoother is extremely useful. To make you post even more effective, you could add an image that relates to your topic. This would help your post standout more. Overall, I thought your post was very informative. Great blogging!

  5. I like this topic, especially because of how hard it is to catch a job interview these days. Being fresh out of college is already stressful, actually heading into a "real" interview can be overwhelming.

    Thank you.