Monday, November 9, 2009

Creating Employment- Related Documents

When applying for a job at a multimillion dollar company, a local government job, or a job at the grocery store, candidates should spend quite a bit of time designing a good resume, cover letter, letter of inquiry, or any employment-related document. regardless of what you are proposing, it is extremely important that your writing strategy is clear and effective. I will briefly explain how to properly construct an employment-related document.

1. When constructing a document, writers should always keep in mind the audience and the message they are trying to get across.
2. Make sure the layout of your document is in the correct format.
3. Everything should be correctly aligned, neat, and straight to the point. Don't create a six page resume. A busy employer doesn't have tome to read a document of that length. Keep it to one page, two at max.
4. The most important part is that there are no grammatical errors or mistakes in the document.
5. Only insert relevant information in your document. You should not use the same resume for every job application. Only include information that is important for the position.
6. It is extremely important the author does not lie in the document. Always remain honest and clear, and try not to insert misleading information to acquire the job.
7. Don't expect to create an employment-related document in a short period of time. You should always consider that this is for an employment opportunity and that excellence requires time and patience.


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  1. You make some very good points, you could do a bit more with imagery or formatting to jazz up the presentation, but overall, the data is presented and it follows the five 5 C's.

  2. Be sure and add your voice and story to the post so that it doesn't sound so academic. Also, include a graphic or embedded YouTube video and put your first name and first intial of your last name in your subject line.