Friday, November 6, 2009

Ethics & Resumes

Ethics and Resumes can be covered simply by saying “Don’t lie on your resume”, but as easy as that may sound, many people do it to make themselves look better for that specific job. It’s important for one to remember that a resume is a final representation of who you are. Even though resumes are written up to convince the employer who you are without any question, you have to think about what would happen if you did falsify information to make yourself appear better. Imagine if the company you are trying to work for has great influence and respect towards others companies, and your write down false information? Your reputation is over. Besides the fact that your background information could be looked up, and the comments from your references, the lies will come back and haunt you.
Let’s say on the skills section of the resume, you wrote you were fluently bilingual, when in reality you are not, and your customers were 50 percent Hispanic. What would you do knowing that one of your “strengths” on your resume was that you were bilingual? Not only did you embarrass yourself, but, also, the company you work for.
To some things up, be as honest as you can. Lying takes you nowhere, or it can take you on a short trip, but the truth can carry you very far!

Here is a comical video that I found on YouTube on why lying on a resume is a bad idea. Now, I don’t know why she would even think about putting anything like that, but it goes to show you that the interviewer would ask you anything! Enjoy!


  1. I really like the example of lying on your resume (about being bilingual) Something along those lines are extremely important, especially down in south Florida, where we have so many different cultured identities.

  2. This is a really great subject to talk about. Being honest is the key to great success especially when it comes to creating your resume.

  3. The video was a great example, although very extreme, it gets the point accross!

  4. I liked your concrete examples about how lying on your resume can affect your credibility and ability to perform your work. They really help clarify the subject and bring into real world terms. The video was a good use of humor as well.

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