Sunday, November 8, 2009

Creating a Strong Resume

Hey everyone! I know that searching for jobs today is very difficult, but when you get the chance for a job interview, it's important to be prepared with a strong resume. Here are some tips that should help you create a strong and effective resume:
  • Make sure to include a cover letter with your resume. The reasons why cover letters are important are because they:
  1. Address the specific job that you are applying for
  2. highlight your most most important qualities
  3. briefly explains how you meet the requirements for the position
  4. Makes you more appealing to the employer
  • Remember, there is no right way when it comes to creating a resume. If you need a guideline on where to start, you can follow these basic formats for resumes:
  1. Chronological Resume
  • Use this format when:
  1. You have the appropriate experience for the position for which you are applying for
  2. Your experience shows great responsibility over time
  3. You have impressive qualifications, job titles, and honors
Here's an example: Chronological Resume

2. Skills Resume
  • Use this format when:
  1. Your experience or training is not similar to the other applicants for the job you are applying for
  2. You have extensive experience or training in another field and making a career change
Here's an example: Skills Resume

  • Finally, If you decide not to use either of these formats, make sure your resume contains some of the following categories:
  1. Contact Information
  2. Career Objective
  3. Education Background
  4. Experience
  5. Honors and Awards
  6. Activities you participate in that are worth making note of
  7. References

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  1. I love your opening statement. With todays economy it is better to be over prepared then under prepared. You need to be the best and show them what you're worth!

  2. I agree with Jessica. It's tough now a days. You have to do everything possible to stand out from the rest; and if people do what you write, then i'm sure they'll get anything!

  3. I like the way you broke the different types of resumes, this is important because different people need different guidance. Great explanations!

  4. Kerri put it perfectly. I love the organization of your post. You displayed the information well and in a clear readable manner.

  5. This blog was thorough and detailed. You broke it down in a very easy-to-read way. Just a little constructive criticism, had some punctuation mistakes/inconsistencies in a blog that is about writing a perfect document!!! I think it's important to not only look over your own document before submitting, but also having someone else read it is important. A fresh set of eyes can catch things you can easily look over.

  6. I agree with Kerri. I loved how your broke down the different types of resumes. This is very helpful to anyone who is new to writing resumes. I also noticed that there were a few punctuation mistakes throughout the blog, but other than that, you provided great information!

  7. Great post! Your suggestions for creating a strong resume are extremely helpful. Since the job market is pretty weak right now, we can all use tips to improve our resumes. Another tip that resume writers could use is how to make your resume standout to prospective employers. With so much competition out there, we need to make our resumes noticeable! Overall, I thought your suggestions were great, and I look forward to reading your other posts!

  8. Resume writing was already done by another team member. I liked your voice in the post. Remember to put your name in the subject heading, like Stephanie A. did.