Sunday, November 8, 2009


Having trouble getting started writing your resume?

This blog is designed to help first-time resume writers create the best resume that their potential employers will read.

A resume is a first impression on paper. Many times, resumes are requested by employers before a face to face interview; therefore, your resume must be perfect and pristine in order to beat out your competitors. Submitting a resume with misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and bad punctuation is like walking into an interview with a dirty, wrinkled shirt!

Even the most experienced candidate’s resume could be tossed aside if it is improper. How can an employer expect you to take pride in your work and expect great results from you if you can’t even write a perfect resume?

Links to resume writing tips

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  1. I like how you kept this simple and provided many links!

  2. I agree with Jessica great job keeping it short and to the point and giving many examples. This is really helpful for people creating a resume.

  3. I agree with Jessica as well, a lot people are looking for visuals rather than explanations and you led them to it. Thanks!

  4. Very clear and effective blog. I like how you added links to make users see others perspectives.

  5. You might have provided a brief summary of each of those links for your readers. It's probably not a good idea to provide one link after another. An embedded YouTube video on resume writing would have been more effective. I like the you focus.
    How about a graphic???