Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Editing and Rewriting Tips Alen Fidahic

It does not matter if you are writing a letter to your relatives, a high school term paper, or a document for a fortune 500 company, every single person should revise and edit their document rigorously. Editing and revising a document is extremely important because many people do not like to read errors and mistakes. Imagine you are president of a major company, sitting on your comfy office chair, at your busy office, and you receive a document form a respectful and powerful employee. You start reading the document only to find out it has horrible grammar mistakes and is not organized. What would you think of the employee, you pay millions of dollars a year, about the time involved in construction of the document? Revising your writing requires taking a look at the structure of the essay and making some major modification. You want to maximize the overall outcome of your document to the audience. Here are some checkpoints you should take a look at when you have completed your document.


1. Does the introduction grab the reader’s attention?

2. Is there a thesis statement in your introduction?

3. Is the thesis clear enough for the reader to understand your position?

4. Is the writing understandable and easy to read?

5. Are the paragraphs organized?

6. Are there enough examples for the reader to see different views?

7. Is there a sufficient amount of detail to support your idea?

8. Are the details related to the topic you are presenting?

9. Do you display vivid images and examples?

10. Do you use effective transitions throughout the document?

11. Are you repeating anything such as words or phrases?

12. Do you end with a strong conclusion?

13. Are there any grammatical errors in the entire document?

Editing, revising, and rewriting basically illuminate the document you wrote. Visualize yourself at a car show and you see a Corvette that is dirty and has not been waxed in months. Although the Corvette has unbelievable construction, many people will choose a waxed and polished car, rather than a filthy automobile. The point I am trying to get across is you could have a great idea, but you need to make sure you take the time to improve it and more exquisite.


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